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Anezina Solomonidou

Postdoctoral Fellow at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Planetary Geologist
TEDx Talk:

Habitable Worlds: from Earth to the Icy Moons of the Outer Solar System

Anezina Solomonidou is a postdoctoral fellow at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). She concluded her undergraduate studies in the Department of Geology at the University of Patras and her postgraduate studies in the University College of London (UCL), in the field of planetary geology (Master’s Degree). After that, she obtained her PhD in Astronomy and Astrophysics in the Observatoire de Paris in France. Her research focuses on planetary geology and more specifically on the geological study of the frozen moons of the outer solar system (Titan, Enceladus, Europa etc.). By comparing the limited data available from the various space missions to the abundant geological data for Earth, she aims to understand the evolution and the current geological activity of these celestial bodies and even determine the possibility of the existence of life on these frozen worlds.

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