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Christos Raftogiannis

Founder & CEO of CityCrop, Agriculture & Hydroponics
TEDx Talk:

Α Future Hidden in Indoor Farming

Christos Raftogiannis is the CEO and co-founder of CityCrop, a Greek startup that has designed an automated indoor farming device. Along with his co-founder Evriviades Makris and their team, they are here to provide the global market with CityCrop, a smart device that enables the user to grow fresh food all year round in a controlled and fully automated environment. CityCrop uses Hydroponics to grow plants fast and efficiently without the need for soil or pesticides, combining nature and technology in the most original way. CityCrop was awarded first place in the “Start Tel Aviv 2016” competition amongst 75 Greek startups. CityCrop’s goal is to change the way we grow and consume our food and make agriculture and healthy diet a part of the modern urban lifestyle.

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