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Sotiris Kokkinos

Founder & CEO of FEAC, Electrical Engineer
TEDx Talk:

Simulated Reality

Sotiris Kokkinos, along with his brother, Charilaos, founded FEAC Engineering in 2014. By combining their academic and professional experience in the field of digital computing (Sotiris Kokkinos-MSc Electrical Engineer) and electromechanical simulation (Charilaos Kokkinos-MSc Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineer-CERN FEA Analyst), they created a consulting startup. FEAC offers services in the field of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) operating in the global market. The challenges faced by an engineer in the contemporary academic and industrial environment can’t be solved analytically. This is when heuristic methods, such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA), are used in order to obtain answers. These methods take advantage of the computational power of digital computers and therefore can solve highly complex problems, e.g. the way heat is transferred in a Thermoelectric Power Plant or the way the blood flows inside the human body.

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