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Tilemachos Andrianopoulos

Founder of Tense Architecture Network, Architect
TEDx Talk:

Engineering's Charge: from Akronafplia to Tanzania

Tilemachos Andrianopoulos is an architect and Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture, NTUA. As a co-founder of TAN network (Tense Architecture Network), he has undertaken numerous private and state projects and has been distinguished in architectural competitions, including the one for the ‘Mies Van de Rohe award 2013’ for the residence in Sikamino. His design process is focused on the harmonization of the building with the natural or urban environment enclosing it. Therefore, the emerging structure does not invade the space around it, but instead works in continuity and very often complimentary to the scenery. Barring his architectural ethics and navigating through different architectural examples, he will introduce us to ingenious, sharp and even risky solutions to emerging problems during the design process. Having elaborated a research in the work of Ioannis Despotopoulos, he is the most suitable person to introduce us to the heuristic method used for the design of Athens Conservatoire.

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